Ronan和Erwan Bouroullec這對設計師兄弟駐足巴黎。雖然他們性格不一, 不過也能磨合而且共同努力合作了15年。他們的設計範疇極度廣泛, 細小至珠寶首飾, 大型至建築工程均有參與。他們除了動手製造也會利用重型機械, 繪圖、影片和拍攝他們無一不會。他們同時在Gallery kero舉辦實驗活動, 是一項不可忽視的活動。

Ronan (born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (born 1976) are brothers and designers based in Paris. They have been working together for about fifteen years bonded by diligence and challenged by their distinct personalities. Their work has covered many field ranging from the design of small objects as jewellery to spatial arrangements and architecture, from craftsmanship to industrial scale, from drawings to videos and photography. The designers also maintain an experimental activity with Gallery kreo, which is also essential to the development of their work.


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