Rogier Martens 的工作室在2006年成立於荷蘭烏得勒支。他們以引進新科技和與眾不同的設計而成名, 在生產過程中一直尋求更聰明直接的方法來解決複雜的問題。雖然他們把自己定位成「非常Studio Rogier Martens的獨特風格」, 但用家的意見和想法是他們同樣在意。因此在設計前定必會先做資料搜集, 了解大眾想法, 務必設計出最多人都能享用的產品。

Studio Rogier Martens is founded in 2006 in Utrecht. Studio Rogier Martens is innovative in the fresh approach of distinct design with the introduction of new technologies. They search for the smartest way to make complex questions understandable. The studio prefers objects and surroundings with an unmistakable identity. In the designs they actively search for interaction with the user. To define the needs of the end user they always support the designs by research. This open approach leads to special designs with great potential to use them.

products developed for Magis