Francesco在米蘭出世, 小時候正值戰火時期, 他曾居於意大利的鄉村, 常常接觸大自然令他開始留意自然和藝術。他父親教會他畫畫和油畫。1980年他開創了自己的工作室, Design & Communications Centre, 主要用作資料搜集和推廣。他比較喜歡設計家具和裝飾品, 特別是梳化, 因為它們的變化其實可以很多, 基於不同的對象、空間和感覺可以有千變萬化的設計。設計帶給他的「無限」正正是最吸引他的地方。

Francesco was born in Milan, where he still lives. He spent his early childhood, during the war, in a small mountain village in Valtellina, where the contact with nature opened his mind to contemplation and art. He learnt to draw and paint from his father. In 1980 he established his own Design & Communications Centre, for design research and promotion. He prefers to design furniture and decor objects, and in particular sofas, because they call into play the Other, Space and Communication, the spheres in which he most loves to work, and that respond more than others to his questions about behaviour and relationships.

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