Fukasawa對如何利用設計來表達產品的核心價值是著無邊際而且毫無限制。如果以我們熟識的概念來說, 他有點奉行道家的「無為」。他在潛意識「憑空」來尋求靈感或創作方向這個玄妙的方法, 相信有留意他的朋友都會知曉。其後他更設立了「無念」的工作坊分享「概念」。他與不少世界頂尖設計師合作過, 地方遍佈全球, 包括意大利、法國、德國、瑞士、西班牙、北歐國家和亞洲。而且涉足的範圍同樣廣泛根本無框架可言。他的代表作包括無印良品大受歡迎的CD player(現納入紐約MoMA長期展覽區), 手提電話Infobar, Neon和±0家居電器和小物系列。

Fukasawa’s notions and expressions to approach essential values of things through design travel beyond borders or domains and his thoughts are well respected internationally. His concept for finding hints in subconscious behaviour of people which he named “Without Thought”, is most known and he runs “Without Thought” workshops to share his thoughts. Fukasawa collaborates with world leading companies and brands in such countries as Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Scandinavian countries and Asian countries. His area of work is broad and he works with various fields in design beyond categories. Representative works include MUJI'S CD player (part of the permanent collection, MoMA New York ), the mobile phones "Infobar" and "neon" and the ±0 brand of household electrical appliances and sundries.

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