Javier Mariscal開創的Estudio Mariscal是西班牙第一間多元化的設計工作室, 他們涉足的設計範圍包括所有類別。他們憑自己建立的風格、語言而備受認可。設計外形討好有趣是他們的風格, 希望用家見到都會會心微笑, 而且樂於使用。對他們而言, 設計還包含了智慧、樂觀的心態和興奮的心情。自由的意志、懂批判的思想和創意就是他們抱有的宗旨, 本著這個宗旨去改善現在擁有的, 再用想像力和細膩的心去創造更好的未來。

We are the first multidisciplinary studio that was created in Spain. We have explored all the media and categories of design. We have constructed a personal, artistic language of our own. And all this has given us the success and international recognition that our work enjoys today. We create friendly creatures with whom it is easy to live, images that delight one's eyes, products to be used and enjoyed, and physical and digital spaces in which artistic intervention and design provide feedback. Our work communicates talent, excitement and optimism. Our stance is for a free, critical, creative attitude to contribute towards improving the present and to guiding the future with imagination and sensitivity.

products developed for Magis