意大利設計兼建築師Alessandro Mendini在意大利設計界的地位舉足輕重。他的設計格獨特而且強烈, Mendini特別喜歡把不同的文化或表達手法混和在一起, 他設計圖案、家具、繪畫, 同時參與室內設計和建築。寫作也是他眾多長處之一, 他曾參與 Casabella, Modo和Domus三本雜誌的創作。他的創作偏向現代摩登, 色彩鮮艷, 形狀特別。他很喜歡在創作時注入全新的元素, 賦予它們新的意義或角度。在意大利, 他們把這個手法稱為「再設計」。

Alessandro Mendini is an Italian designer and architect. He played an important part in the development of Italian design. His design has been characterized by his strong interest in mixing different cultures and different forms of expression; he creates graphics, furniture, interiors, paintings and architectures and wrote several articles and books. He also worked, aside from his artistic career, for Casabella, Modo and Domus magazines. Alessandro Mendini’s work is categorically contemporary, characterized by bright colors and non-traditional shapes as an exploration of how one discipline can be affected by another. Much of Mendini’s artistic approach attempts to inject new meaning or new perspective into everyday objects such as furniture or homewares, a method that the Italian artist refers to as “re-design”.

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