David Mellor是個非常另類的設計師, 他喜歡把傳統工人的手工藝和商界的設計企業家撮合。他既是個設計師, 也是製造業者和零售商, 把設計師權力放大到可以管理整個過程。自覺有使命感的他希望可以提高設計標準, 令更多人可以受惠。在整個設計生產過程, 他花很多時間在選料、生產技術的部分, 對設計而言, 他更有部分是個手工藝者。他對工作環境的要求十分高。而他的第一個工作坊是由 Patric Guest of Mayorcas & Guest設計, 建於60年代, 現在已經獲英國政府列為「登錄建築」, 代表它是特殊建築或歷史遺產。

He was unusual in this country in combining the activities of hands-on craftsman and designer with those of design entrepreneur. He operated as designer, manufacturer and retailer, seeing the designer's function as controlling a product through all stages from concept to customer. He felt it his mission to improve design standards over a broad spectrum, directly affecting very many people's lives. David Mellor's approach to design was always to some extent that of a craftsman, in his close involvement in materials and techniques and his insistence on the highest standards of environment and working conditions. All David Mellor buildings have been of special architectural merit. His original studio-workshop in Sheffield was designed in the 1960s by Patric Guest of Mayorcas & Guest and is now a listed building.

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