Marilena Boccato和Gian Nicola Gigante兩位設計師皆來自威尼斯的IUAV建築學校, 他們分別師承於Albini, Belgioioso, De Carlo, Gardella, Samon a Scarpa和Zevi等知名設計師。在70年代, 他們前後均加入了Order of Architects。他們發展的路向主要是建築及翻新, 不論是公共還是私人建築均有參與, 同時亦有份翻生維修歷史遺跡。獲得許多獎項肯定其成就。其後這個優秀組合又加入了在義大利帕多瓦(Padua)享負盛名的建築師Antonio Zambusi,Zambusi, 除了在建築及工業設計方面有諸多貢獻之外,也在帕多瓦大學應用建築系任教。不少具公信力的雜誌都有報導他們的傑出成就。

Both Marilena Boccato and Gian Nicola Gigante have a degree in architecture from the IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia), taken during the faculty's most prestigious years. They studied under Albini, Belgioioso, De Carlo, Gardella, Samon a Scarpa and Zevi. During the 70s they were part of the Archstudio group (with C. Bianchi and A. Zambusi). They have been members of the Order of Architects in the province of Treviso since 1967 and 1963 respectively. Boccato and Gigante's professional work follows a two-fold path: in architecture and renovation, with the construction of public and private buildings (both residential and industrial), and the refurbishment of buildings of historical importance; and in industrial design, with projects made for large manufacturing companies, several of which were awarded with prizes and nominations. Boccato and Gigante participated first-hand in the rising fame of Italian design, establishing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with the industry. The great number of products designed by the two architects testifies their dedication to their profession throughout their lengthy career. Their works of architecture, restoration projects and design have been frequently published in the most noteworthy specialized magazines.

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