Satyendra Pakhalé Associates是由得獎設計師Satyendra Pakhalé設立的多元化設計公司。他們設計的產品包括科技產品和建築用的。他生於1967的印度, 在當地Indian Institute of Technology接受教育, 期後在瑞士的Art Centre College of Design就讀。他是"New Business Creation"團隊的開拓者, 在90年代構想前所未有的科技設計概念。對物料、科技和單一文化主導抱有很大好奇心的他常常思考怎樣把文化融入科技, 而他的設計經常受文化啟發, 慢慢設計出精彩的作品, 更獲放到德國的Gabrielle Ammann Gallery展覽。

Satyendra Pakhalé Associates is a multi-faceted design practice established by the award-winning designer Satyendra Pakhalé whose production ranges from the design of objects to technological products and architecture. He was born in 1967 in India and trained at the renowned IIT - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and later at the Art Centre College of Design Europe, in Switzerland. He was part of the pioneering ‘new business creation’ team, conceiving some of the first product ideas for new technologies in the area of digital communication and transportation design at Philips Design in the mid-90’s. His designs emanate from cultural dialogue, synthesizing new applications of materials and technologies. His ongoing curiosity for materials, technology and a plural cultural expression has lead to limited edition pieces represented by Gabrielle Ammann Gallery, Cologne, Germany.

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