Marcel的設計慣常把創新的物料和科技與經典、帶歷史元素的形象混和一體, 令產品更耐看, 更經得起時間的考驗。在這個稀奇古怪的設計世界, Marcel成功創造出他的一套「創造充滿愛的環境, 帶著熱誠地生活和把最令人興奮的夢成真」。他的設計時常激發, 挑動甚至分化人, 但總可以給我們驚喜, 娛樂我們。所以不難看到他很多設計都想顯得「人性化」, 他名為「新時代」 。

In his designs Marcel often mixes innovative materials and techniques with references to well known historical styles and archetypes, so users can easily connect to the pieces, enjoying them for a long time and in doing so create sustainable surroundings. Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel has made it his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.” His work excites, provokes, and polarises, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the human spirit, and entertain. Marcel’s chief concern is bringing the human touch back to design, ushering in what he calls design’s ‘new age;’ in which designer, craftsperson and user are reunited.

products developed for Magis