Marcello Ziliani長留意大利, 專注設計家具、首飾、燈具、浴室和辦公室的同品, 他同時有參與展覽、戲劇舞蹈、藝術指導等範圍。他不喜歡專制和固定等很有規律, 一成不變的東西。他喜歡多變, 喜歡可以從新的角色看事物。他堅信設計是一個希望, 是夢想起飛的一刻, 所以只要你肯拍翼, 你總有一天會飛。

He stayed Italy and devoted himself mainly to developing design projects in the fields of furniture, accessories, lighting, bathrooms, offices, objects and early childhood, as well as working in exhibitions, theatrical choreography, art direction, design coordination, graphics and communication. He doesn’t like absolutism and indestructible certainties; he loves to look at things with ever-new eyes, so as to tune into them, he prefers to speak softly and, above all, to listen. He believes that any design project is essentially a wish, a dream of flight, and that, even if you have to run around and flap your arms in vain, sooner or later you with get to glide through the air for ten metres.

products developed for Magis