Since the begining, founder Eugenio Perazza is always directly, passionate and very enthusiastic involved in the development process of the products, from rotational molding to injection molded without gas, it pushes the industry standard. Recently, Magis started experimenting with even more advanced technology, develop sophisticated manufacture method such as alumimum die-casting, pressed metal and "liquid wood" technology, such as the Zartan Raw chair, where Magis collaborated with famous French designer Philippe Starck, to create a chair with mold filling technology, by biodegradable material instead of petrochemical plastics, that minimizes environment harm, the Zartan Raw represents a major breakthrough in mass-prodocued furniture.

由Magis創立的第一天起, 他們就銳意要改變傳統家具的模樣, 運用可塑性高的塑料材質, 賦予家具活潑的生命力, 前所未有。不過他們並不滿足於此, 他們不斷追求新科技, 研發了從未有人嘗試過的鋁鑄模技術, 劃時代的Chair One因而面世。他們和Philippe Starck合作的計劃更顛覆了我們對塑膠等於不環保的想法。他們研究出用可生物降解的膠, 棄用石油化的傳統塑膠, 大大減低生產過程對地球的破壞。