The blocks are based on vehicles.
The forms give the tactile and visual impression of classic building blocks with
familiar, basic shapes.
As with ArcheToys, I looked for the essence of the vehicles, but this time I wanted
to allow more space for imagination and individuality.
By changing, moving or flipping the blocks, new combinations and images arise.
They are a kind of design tool.
The use of color and the decision to make 3D light beams creates a gentle image,
reminiscent of comic drawings and old-fashioned colors.
The blocks are designed to be attractive both for children and adults.

Floris Hovers

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a jigsaw-object in solid beech, comprised
of elements of various shapes, colours
and dimensions, which can be put
together to create different vehicles each
with essential shapes that leave plenty of
room for imagination and individuality.

solid beech painted with non-toxic paints.