It says a lot about Perazza, founder and head of Magis, that he has chosen the mule
as emblem of his company.
And, obviously, it says a lot about the company, its spirit and character being hard
working, tireless.
While we were working on the BRUT collection of cast-iron furniture, Perazza asked
me if I could draw a mule to be made cast in iron for the company´s 40th anniversary.
At first I was surprised, thinking that I have probably not drawn an animal since my
I did it, and it was fun.
ETTORE turned out a real mule, its legs firmly on the ground, determined and strong.
But it is also a beautiful thing, loveable and playful. Just like Magis.

Konstantin Grcic

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The Magis mule.
Ornament / door-stop.
In cast-iron trated with manganese iron
phosphate coating.